Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We've all heard it said that "a picture's worth a thousand words." But that saying is locked. Limited. Because to me, a picture encompasses much more than a mere thousand words. I wish I had the power to overwrite that cliche and amend it to "a picture's worth is infinite, and the stories it tells create works of art." And that is what I try to capture in my photography... Art. Art is everywhere, whether it's a child licking a messy ice cream cone, or a couple going for an afternoon walk down a dusty dirt road. I don't make art, I just preserve it in the form a picture.

My name is Brittany Curry and I am an aspiring photographer. I take pictures because it is my passion! I am a student in Lethbridge and I've been snapping pictures since I could hold a camera. Those around me can testify that I am an energetic, spunky and positive person. I incorporate creative and contemporary touches into my work.
Lauren & Matt Engagement
So this past week I got the HONOR of shooting engagement photo's for Lauren and Matt! They were so flirty and IN LOVE, so it just made it THAT much easier to shoot. I am so happy for them and I can not wait to shoot their Wedding!!

Sydney Hutton
Ok so Sydney Hutton has THE most stunning eyes I have EVER seen!! I just LOVE to take shots of her!


Shawni Tolman
Shooting Shawni is one of my most favourite things to do. She is so dang gorgeous and fun to shoot!


Ashley & Paul
This January I had the honor of shooting Ashley and Paul's wedding! They are such a Beautiful couple and I had so much fun. Even though it was a little cold outside, they were still able to take some AMAZING shots!

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